xBit Digital Case Management

Organize your digital forensic case data with xBit, the digital case management solution built to simplify the task of cataloging information unique to the digital forensic investigator.

xBit is Now Available in the Cloud.

To continue to offer the most flexible options for our customers, we’ve launched an xBit Cloud option. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), xBit Cloud is the most powerful, flexible and secure digital case management solution available in the Cloud.  Access your cases from anywhere and on any device, regardless of whether you are in the lab or in the field. xBit will still be offered to customers who prefer the virtual machine (VM) option. Please email or call if you would like xBit VM and/or Cloud pricing options.

How It Works

xBit enables examiners to process cases better, and more comprehensively, while more efficiently supporting their lab requirements.

In-Depth Analytics

For forensic practitioners, the integrated APEx portal provides a wealth of information to assist examiners-at-work by providing JTAG/ISP and chip info, including pin-outs and adapter options, as well as tool selections.  

A Scalable Solution

xBit offers the ideal solution to help manage the increasing and disparate amount of case information agencies are faced with. xBit is equally suitable for a single user, or enterprise-wide deployment.


Digital forensic examiners today require a better way to organize and manage the increasing amount of data they're confronted with. xBit offers the solution to help simply and save time.


Simple Organization and Management

Archive more efficiently while maintaining audit logs and stay better prepared for grant requests and requirements.

APEx Database

xBit integrates the APEx portal for examiners to easily reference and search for tools, pin-out and tap info, and techniques to process devices faster.

Other Features

Scalable Deployment

xBit offers the ideal solution to help manage the disparate amount of case information that agencies are faced with. A scalable solution, xBit is equally suitable for a single user or enterprise-wide deployment.

License Management System

Track your license usage, locations and expirations to better prepare and budget for renewals. Easily archive license info, budget requirements and set alerts for expirations.

Audit Logs and Grant Assistance

xBit helps improve the maintenance of case audit logs for the increasing requirements to log and store case data. xBit helps grant writers, and those maintaining ICAC reporting requirements, track time and resources expended to scale appropriately.

Get xBit today

Created by professionals in the field faced with the necessity to better organize a quickly increasing amount of data, xBit has been developed continuously to improve the process and management of case data for the examiner.

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