We are proud to announce the release of xBit DCM 2.7! We are constantly striving to add enhancements to our current features,  develop new features and improve workflow. We listened and here is what you can expect:

  • NEW!  Customize and configure Evidence Items! Rename or create Evidence Types for your specific needs and SOPs.
  • NEW!  Create entry fields for Evidence Items and sort them as needed!
  • NEW!  Auto-generate case numbers! An intuitive format builder is now available. Alternately, specify the format that must be used for case entries (if not auto-generated)
  • NEW!  Track USSS FPR Statistics! We aggregate your reporting Stats so you do not need to
  • NEW!  Users have the ability to conform to SORN compliance (Federal Customers)
  • The VM version is now a server! We have transitioned from a Workstation environment, improving reliability and ease of use
  • Improved compliance for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 AR 3125 certified labs
  • Improved Barcode reading and use
  • Improved Administrative statistics of evidence and case related entries for grant and operational needs
  • Improvements to the Asset Manager, allowing better control over how equipment is tracked and managed
  • Minor bug fixes

Roadmap of future improvements include:

  • Expanding ability to customize, configure and sort Case Entry fields and other areas of xBit
  • Full ICAC reports and statistics for grant requirements
  • Greater Admin control of who can make requests/submissions for assistance
  • Improvements to user interface and workflow